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ForestPal's objective is to help others explore the potential of GPS, GIS and digital mapping technology. The site emphasizes low-cost and free tools and data sources along with practical instructions to make GIS accessible to more users.

ForestPal was launched to continue the content previously offered through www.digitalgrove.net which was started in 2002 by Paul Pingrey.

Software and data sources featured at ForestPal were selected based on personal experience of Paul, with suggestions from other mapping enthusiasts. There are thousands of free and open source GIS products available on the Internet, but researching them can be discouraging for field managers who simply want to get the job done.

The information and downloadable files at ForestPal are provided in the hope that they might be useful. There are no express or implied warranties whatsoever relating to either the accuracy or completeness of this information or its fitness for any use. Persons using information or programs from ForestPal waive any and all claims against ForestPal or collaborators who contribute material to ForestPal. The information here may be copied and reused provided it is accurately reproduced and the source is credited. Others are free to link to the site.

Drop a line if you have comments or suggestions for improving ForestPal. If you are interested in possibly collaborating on some aspect of GIS education at ForestPal, we would like to hear from you.

email: forestpal@gmail.com

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