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The Internet offers many tools for making maps, collecting GIS data and utilizing GPS. Trying them, looking for those that are reasonably easy to use, can be frustrating and time consuming. A few of the best are listed here.



Forest Pal's Favorites

Great Products that Get the Job Done Efficiently.

fGIS - Updates are no longer available, but the 2005 version is still tops.

 Epi Info

Version 3.3.2 (Free) - Review Coming Soon

Epi Info™ is a series of programs for Microsoft Windows designed primarily for for use by public health professionals in disease investigations, managing databases for public health surveillance and analyzing health data. The mapping and data collection utilities in Epi Info work just as well for natural resource applications. Epi Map™ was developed by the Epidemiology Program Office of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) using MapObjects™ from ESRI. The mapping component includes the ability to digitize and edit shapefiles. Databases can be related to shapefiles for thematic display in maps. The free download is about 70MB, requiring a broadband connection.

TatukGIS Viewer - Possibly the Best GIS Viewer Available (Free)

Global Mapper® - The Universal Map Converter and Viewer (Free Trial)


Spatial Mapping Software

Quantum GIS MARPLOT® (PC and Mac)
NASA World Wind USAPhotoMaps
HyperCube TGlobe Map Builder
Natural Resources Database DIVA GIS
3DField™ (SW) SurGe Mapping (SW)
MicroDEM QuikGrid
ILOG JViews Map Viewer  

 Other Utilities

Mapping Symbol Fonts


TatukGIS Coordinate Calculator


Color Brewer

MapDraw Deed Plotter™(SW)

Database Editors

Image Capture

Check out coordinate locators and data resources in ForestPal's Links.

GPS Tools

DNR Garmin Tool



G7toWin and G7toCE

GPS Visualizer


GPS Map Explorer

Cetus GPS


Google™ APRS

Data Collection and Timber Cruising Tools

 National Cruise Program

Pilot-DB (for Palm®)

DB Editor (Palm & PC)



XS Forms and XS Designer


If you are looking for more titles, see the GIS Software Wikipedia.

Additional MacOSX solutions can be found on the GeoMax web site.

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