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To create a quick overlay that includes DLG data (like the roads shown above) for use in 3DEM, follow these steps with the registered version of Global Mapper:

  1. Open a view in Global Mapper and load all the data layers you wish to display. (Turn off hill shading.) Position the screen with the zoom level you want and then use "Capture Screen Contents to Image". Save the image as a TIFF file with world file coordinates at 2040x1264 resolution or higher. (Note: If you try to save a GeoTIFF as the first step, Global Mapper will only capture the background image, omitting the vector lines.)

  2. Clear the Global Mapper screen and then open the TIFF image file saved from the first step. Use Global Mapper to export it as a GeoTIFF image with 24-bit color.

In 3DEM, load the Digital Elevation Model for the project and then apply the GeoTiff from step 2 as an overlay. 3DEM will automatically position the overlay for you. Click here for a 2D Lodi DLG map for comparison.


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